The best films with a casino in the background

Movies for the gambling

If you are additionally a fan of gambling games who regularly visits, for example, Vulkan Casino, then you probably squirm in your seat with impatience when you hear one or another title whose plot is set in a casino or is in some way connected with casinos, gambling games. Do you know all the noteworthy titles? Surely you have overlooked some of them. That is why today we are going to present you a group of the most interesting films in which casinos or gambling are the main role or an important element of the plot!


To begin with, we would like to present you with a very interesting item, which is a slightly comedic approach to a western-style story about the rivalry between two excellent poker players. They want to take part in a great and extremely prestigious tournament played on board of one of the many famous steamboats – floating casinos that used to cruise around New Orleans on the famous Mississippi River.

In the leading role we will see Mel Gibson, who is partnered by Jodie Foster. An extremely strong point, in addition to the obviously stellar cast, is the very realistic representation of the games played in Texas Hold’em. Thanks to this you can not only have a great time watching the adventures of two characters, but also learn a lot of interesting facts about poker.

Big Shout

The second position was taken by a somewhat forgotten film, which is nevertheless an extremely interesting proposition due to its interesting plot and a very climatically presented reality of the 1980s – the era of the end of communist. The film depicts events in the life of a young poker student, who gradually develops his skills and climbs the ladder in the poker players’ ranking. His goal is to face the old master, the eponymous Big Shoo. However, this is not a purely sporting and recreational film; it is maintained in a rather dark atmosphere. We are not dealing here with an honest competition, but with all sorts of shenanigans, cheating, bluffing and the dark side of gambling and poker in particular.

Wielki Szu is a must-see for fans of poker and the acting talents of such film stars as Leon Niemczyk, Jan Nowicki, Andrzej Pieczyński and Grażyna Szapołowska.


An absolute hit and a must-see for any gambling fan should be the film Sting starring Robert Redford and Paul Newman. This film presents there a funny and instructive story at the same time, in which two small-time crooks intend to take revenge on a gangster who cheated them. As a result, they create a complicated intrigue in the form of a pretend betting office and a rigged horse race. Сhough the film itself does not take place in a casino, the themes of gambling and casinos are very much present. Additionally, the atmosphere of the 1930s in the United States, on the eve of the Great Depression, is a huge advantage.

James Bond films

James Bond films

James Bond, the character of Agent 007 created by Ian Fleming, in many of his films visits casinos to indulge in his favourite pastime, which is playing baccarat. We can find appropriate scenes in such films about the adventures of this famous agent, such as Golden Eye. The first film in which Bond revealed his liking for baccarat was Casino Royale. Never Say Never Again, Thunderball, Dr. No and many others are also worth watching from this angle.

The Cincinnati Kid

The Cincinnati Kid

Last on our list is a 1965 picture called The Cincinnati Kid. Steve McQueen played the title role here. The plot of this film tells the story of a casino-goer and a lover of card games, especially poker. He is first provoked and ridiculed by the old master, so he starts to practice intensively in order to be able to face his rival in the final scene of the film and win the victory and repay him.

Undoubtedly, the strongest point of the film is the fact that basically the whole action takes place in different casinos. We can watch the events at the gaming tables, feel the emotions accompanying the games, victories and defeats, as well as learn a lot about the techniques used by the best poker players. In addition, we will learn from it, for example, a lot of things about roulette and many other gambling games.

Moreover, The Cincinnati Kid is a noteworthy item also for another reason. Although the plot is based on a desire for revenge or even revenge, the whole thing is maintained in a very positive tone full of respect and pure rivalry, without even a shadow of dirty or unfair play.

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