Best Online Casino Bonuses For Canadian Players

Online Casino Bonuses

Casinos and bonuses are inseparable. Casino bonuses have a honeypot attraction to casino players globally, and Canadian players are no exception to this. Online casinos offer many bonuses in Canada to Canadian players, such as welcome bonus, deposit bonus, reload bonus, signup bonus, etc.

If you are going to play at a new online casino in Canada especially, one of the first things you will want to find out is whether or not they offer any casino bonuses. If you wish to register an account to enjoy the unending casino bonuses on offer by Canadian casinos, your go-to casino for this would be PlayAmo Canada, where you would get the best bonus offers on their online casino’s games.

Online Casino Bonuses For Canadians

Online Casino Bonuses

Canadians have a wide range of casinos bonuses open to them. Some of the best casino bonus offers are

Welcome Bonus: This bonus is given to new where for registering an account with the casino in question. Different casinos offer different amounts up to a maximum limit to new players; these amounts come with free spins. Most times, the free spins are attached to select slots and can be used on any slot game other times. The welcome bonus offer is given to players on depositing into their gaming account. Some casinos in Canada require that players input bonus code(s) to claim the welcome bonus even after making a deposit. PlayAmo offers Canadian players 100% up to 500 CAD maximum and 100 free spins as a welcome bonus.

SignUp Bonus: Some Canadian online casinos offer players a signup bonus. Some casinos recently changed this signup bonus to a welcome bonus. While other casinos still offer both the welcome and signup bonuses to players on their website.  

Friday Reload Bonus: Several Online Casinos in Canada offer users a special Friday Reload bonus. Every Friday, this bonus is given to players when they deposit into their gaming account. The bonus ranges from 50% to 100% bonus of the deposit amount made by the player up to a maximum value depending on the casinos. PlayAmo offers a Friday reload bonus of 50% of deposit amount up to 250 CAD.

Free Spins: Many online casinos offer periodic free spins on different days of the week or special occasions. These could be holidays, special days, and seasons. These free spins offered to players can be used on specific slot games. The information will be stated on the terms and conditions of the bonus offer.

Deposit Bonus: Casinos offer bonuses on deposits at different times. Casinos in Canada offer a deposit bonus ranging from first to fifth deposit bonus.


Casinos in Canada use bonuses as a marketing and promotion tool to draw in new players to their websites. They also use it to maintain and keep the existing players playing. Casino players sometimes move from one casino platform to the other if they feel they are not getting the bonuses they want. 

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