Basketball: Betting rules

Basketball betting tips

Basketball is one of the TOP 3 most frequently bet sports. Basketball bets can be placed in both live and pre-match mode. Basketball games are played in four 10-minute quarters. Interestingly, each shot is scored differently. Each team’s task is to score as many points as possible.

When placing basketball bets, you should take a closer look at the history of meetings of the chosen team and its current form. You should also detail the basic advantages and disadvantages of your favourite team and compare them with the other teams involved.

You should also analyse the chosen gambling operator and check what betting odds for basketball are offered by legal bookmakers. It is always worth having a well thought out strategy of actions when betting on basketball and absolutely stick to it in every situation.

Basketball – basic characteristics

Basketball enjoys considerable interest among players. Legal bookmakers offer bets on both the NBA and the Energa Basket Liga. Importantly, the operators try to make sure that every bettor is satisfied with betting on basketball matches and willingly returns to the platform. To this end, bookmakers offer players free no-deposit bonuses for registering and betting on basketball.

Among the best clubs can be counted WKS. This team has won as many as seventeen championships in the country. However, the current champion is the team Stelmet Zielona Góra. live basketball is broadcast on popular sports channels such as TVP Sport and channels from the Polsat Group. Moreover, bookmakers offer access to live broadcaUnibet via their platform.

Basketball: types of betting

Basketball betting

The offer of bets on basketball depends primarily on the popularity of the event. If we want to bet on the NBA, more than 40 types of bets can be found in the offer of bookmakers. The betting offer on the Euroleague is less extensive. Basketball betting on Energa Basket League matches counts about 20 types of bets. Still, the selection of bets on basketball is really awesome. Below we present the most popular basketball betting types.

Each basketball bookmaker offers bettors the following types of bets:

  • On the outcome of the match;
  • Halftime score;
  • On the number of points;
  • Basketball handicaps;
  • Best player;
  • Overtime of a game;
  • The score at the end of the game.

It is worth knowing that following the basketball matches of the selected team and being interested in the events from the world of this sport will become the key to accurate betting for bettors. Before making a bet, we recommend checking what odds and bonuses the selected basketball bookmaker offers.

NBA betting

The most famous basketball league around the globe is the NBA. the NBA is not one of the most popular leagues, but it has a huge fan base, for which bookmakers often offer special NBA bets. The number of event markets during the NBA often exceeds 50, while in the Energa Basket League the number of event markets is 40. Many bookmakers provide players with the opportunity to bet on live basketball.

Before we start placing NBA bets, it is worth knowing what kind of bets on the league are offered by bookmakers, where to find the NBA live stream, what the statistics of previous matches are, what the current NBA table looks like, what the basketball positions are. Importantly, NBA basketball has some differences from other leagues. Each quarter laUnibet not 10, but 12 minutes. The court in the NBA is also bigger than in other leagues: it is 15 metres wide and 28 metres long.

When it comes to betting on the NBA, we have quite a few options here. We can bet on the result of an event, the result of one quarter, a draw, a defeat, exceeding a certain number of points, a handicap, over or under, whether there will be overtime and many other types of bets. It is also worth taking NBA betting types into consideration before placing a bet. We will explain more about basketball betting types later in the article.

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