How to bet on Volleyball


Betting can become quite an interesting activity where you can monetise the time you spend watching matches, analysing and studying them to increase your chances of being able to start making money from your guesses. Contrary to what you may think, betting to win is not only about guessing the final result. There are numerous betting options beyond the classic bet on the final result of a game. You can bet on the total number of points, who will win the first toss or whether the game will go to extra time, among many other options.

There are five main types of bets:

  • Winner bet: is standard bet, in which you try to guess who will win at the end of the match.
  • Winning Margin: is the bet based on the number of points difference that will exist between the winner and the losing team.
  • Correct Score: is the bet based on the exact result at the end of the match.
  • Result After Sets: is the bet based on the result after two full sets have been played.
  • Total Points: is considered one of the best betting options in which it is necessary to get right on the number of total points that each team will score throughout the match.

Betting strategies for Volleyball

bet on Volleyball

The bets, regardless of the type, require prior preparation that includes a thorough study of the matches and also the odds in play. First, find out the leagues with greater importance. Choose to bet on home matches! The “home” factor is one of the most important factors in the development of a match, considering that the support of the fans weighs heavily on the performance of the teams.

Compare the odds available between various bookmakers, as Volleyball is part of the group of sports in which the odds tend to be considerably different depending on the betting platform. Remember also that it is essential that you read forecasts available in magazines and pages specializing in the sport to enrich your knowledge and deepen your analysis.

  • Find out which leagues are the most important
  • Focus on less popular matches
  • Understand the team’s priorities

We have reviewed the best bookmakers and prepared an assessment so that you can choose the best bookmaker and the one that best adapts to your tastes and needs.

Major Tournaments

There are several volleyball tournaments where you can bet on. The official competitions are organised by the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) and can be placed in two different categories: events that take place every four years and annual events (created since 1990). There are also volleyball competitions organised by the continental confederations.

The main international competitions include tournaments that take place every four years: the Olympic Volleyball Tournament, the World Volleyball Championship, the World Cup, the World League and the Volleyball Champions’ Cup; and annual tournaments: the Grand Prix, the South American Championships and the Pan-American Games. We can also count, at the national level, on the tournaments allied to the A Series Super League.

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